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About the AwE Library

  • The AwE library introduces sources and makes new sources easy to find in the field of art and science. Our hope is that this resource will be used by artists, critics, scholars and the public to delve deeper into this growing and important field.
  • The library offers publications by artists, scientists, curators, and analysts exploring the questions, methodologies, and theoretical implications of scholarship and practice of art and science. All references were donated by individuals within the growing field art-science, particularly as it pertains to the climate context.
  • The AwE library is a project in motion, we are committed to keeping it up to date and continually adding relevant references. We ask users of this resource to forward to us important references we are missing so we can make this as comprehensive as possible, please learn more about how to donate citations in the Submissions section.

How to Use Library

This bibliography’s primary purpose is to curate relevant resources to Art-Science. You can access the AwE Library by clicking on the Zotero link. We use Zotero, a free and open-source citation management software to house the references. You do not need a Zotero account to access the library.

Access the library by clicking on the Zotero button which will bring you to the entirety of the bibliography. You can search the entire library by topic, author or title by using the search window located on the top right, sort by resource type or author name. On the left hand side of the page, you will see that we organize our references into two overarching folders, Academic Resources and General Interest. For a general introduction to Art-Science please see the subfolder named Introductory Materials, within the General Interest folder.

The library is further categorized by tags, which distinguish who donated the reference (for example, academic donated), and if it is an analytic or critical reference.

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