AwE Art-Science Bibliographical Resource

Art, Science, and Technology Studies (ASTS) uses philosophy, history, sociology, visual studies, design, performance studies, science and technology studies, and the history of science and art to explore the relationship between art and science. This reference service offers publications by artists, scientists, curators, and analysts exploring the questions, methodologies, and theoretical implications of scholarship and practice of art and science.

We are using Zotero, a free and open-source bibliographic citation management software, to house these references. Over time as this resource grows, we will subcategorize each of these broad domains. Our hope is that this resource will be used by artists, critics, scholars and the public to delve deeper into this growing and important field. We ask users of this resource to forward to us important references we are missing so we can make this as comprehensive as possible. We are designing this bibliography to allow users to download citations into their own reference managers and there are also links to the full publications, which are often behind paywalls.

Using the AwE Bibliography

Access the AwE bibliographic resource by clicking on the button. On the landing page you have all the citations listed for the entire database. You can sort this alphabetically by title or author name by selecting “Creator” or by date. The citations are also arranged by category on the left under “My Library”. The Zotero library search window on the top right is useful for searching entries by topic, author or title.

Please contact if you have any suggestions for additional citations or how to make this resource more widely accessible.

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