Hannah Rogers
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Tamar Law
Tamar Law Citation Manager

All libraries begin with collection contributions and curation. This library is the amalgamation of resources from an array of contributors, including artists, scholars, non-profit organizations, and curators. The library would not have been possible without the many citation donations, suggestions and feedback received from these contributors. AWE would like to express deep appreciation for the time and donations of the contributors.

Suzanne Anker
Ruth Benchop
Julia Buntaine
Edgar Cardones
Silvia Casini
Sarah Davies
Julie Doyle
David Edwards
Joey Eschrich
Laura Fortlano
William Fox
Beth Greenhough
Dan Gruskin
Megan Halpern
Dehlia Hannah
Maja Horst
Scott Johnson
Tamar Law
Adam Law
Clarissa Lee Ai Ling
Mike Lynch
Mary Maggic
William Myers
Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri
Peter Peters
Trevor Pinch
Hannah Rogers
Hanna Shell Rose
J.D. Talasek
Meredith Tromble
Rebecca Uchill
Nora Vaage
Kathryn Vignone
Veena Vijayakuma
Jennifer WIllet
Adam Zaretsky