The Living Stage

Scott Johnson · Aug. 4, 2017

The Living Stage, a performance installation located in NYCHA’s Meltzer Garden on the Lower East Side, was designed as simultaneous theater where the audience is inspired to move around multiple stages to view different performances happening at the same time. The stage was constructed of recycled objects that could support plants, herbs and vegetables grown by NYCHA residents.

Murals painted on the surfaces of the park were inspired by the geometry of public housing projects in New York City.

The 2017 performance was part of a 3-day neighborhood festival. Intergenerational workshops with Meltzer seniors and fifth graders from nearby PS 63 inspired the content for the eco-play.

XDEA Architects in collaboration with NYCHA, Superhero Clubhouse, University Settlement, and the University of Melbourne.

Area of Intervention

Area of Additional Intervention

Inspiration for mural design


3D study

Performance renderings

Performance renderings

Performance renderings

Activating the performance space

Set design realization


All images courtesy of XDEA Architects

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